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1. /frontier/ Frontier project. A clone of Stars! 2.x.
2. /den/ Pieces of my old web page.
3. /mypics/ Pictures from high school.
4. /me/ About me.
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RECENT CHANGES (New stuff at the top, finally):
20180103: Logged in to tidy up my mail. Still mostly spanish spam.

20150218: Despite all evidence to the contrary, still not dead.
Logged in on a whim, tarred up old log files.
It's all just as I remembered it.

20091108: Still not dead.
Logged in on a whim, cleaned up my email. Nearly all was spanish spam.
Frontier is dead, I haven't done any C++ coding for a couple years now.
Really not much to say.

20060811: Not dead.
Logged in accidentally while trying to log into a different machine. Decided to stick around for a few and clean up some old logfiles.
Nearly all new stuff is happening at rtk0.net.
It's been a busy year.

20060201: General update.
I've spent so much time messing with rtk0.net, I haven't even logged into sdf more than twice :(
Updated Frontier page, corrected outdated info. I'm going to move a couple of things over to my wiki on rtk0.net.
Other than that, nothing's all that broken at the moment.

20050912: Decided not to include Me.jpg on the front page anymore.
Personal news: I got a linode, and a domain name. (rtk0.net, if you are curious.)
Congratulations, Yahoo Slurp! You are now banned from /den/ for being a stupid, buggy bot.

20050718: Frontier Project update! Also updated /me/.
I haven't felt this excited about Frontier for a LONG time.

20050523: Stuck in a note that NEW stuff is at the BOTTOM. I really need to redo the / page.
About half an hour later:
Gave in and dumped all the old changes here.
Gambas gambas gambas. Picked up 1.9.8 and monkeying around with it. *sigh*

(removed image, it really is too big for the front page. See /Me.jpg if you really want to look at it.)

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