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Welcome. Here is all the PR info on the Frontier project, a strategy game in the spirit of Stars! 2.x. *website currently down, ermm, guess it's up again.Nope, definitely down.*
The project is currently in pre-alpha state.

Frontier uses the Fox library, and currently runs on Windows and Slackware Linux (Tested on 9.1)

Data Currently Available:
/screenshots/ -- screenshots currently available.
NOTE: Some of the screenshots contain art and data from Stars!. This data will be removed from Frontier prior to release, as it is illegal to have if you don't own a legal copy of Stars!.

Some notes on the project:
Frontier was started in the summer of 2003 on a whim by Brandon Bergren and Jeff Hoogeterp. The project is currently "in-house", but once relatively complete, the plan is to release the game under a BSD or similar license.
Frontier was released under the GPL sometime around July 2005.
This was done because Frontier is becoming a client for FreeStars.
If you wish to get a copy of the pre-GPL source, under a less restrictive licence, please email me @ bdragon (at) mailsnare.net

Brandon Bergren is a freelance programmer/technician/student.
Jeff Hoogeterp is a freelance programmer/student.

We are not accepting any offers for help right now.Want to help out? I suggest you start with FreeStars.
Visit #FreeStars on the StarLink IRC network for more details of FreeStars.
Thank you for reading thus far. Last modified date on bottom.
--Brandon Bergren


26-05-2004: This page is getting enough hits that I think I need to start posting news. Things are coming along. I think I'm going to need to write my own widget for the frame dock thing Stars! has. See the two "CollapsibleBoxes" screenshots to get an idea of what it does right now.

29-06-2004: Work is progressing slowly. I added the framework for networking, and waypoints work now. Page changes: Added a counter, and noticed I forgot to close the body and html tags. Also, SDF upgraded pico.

29-07-2004: Decided to update the page today. Added some more screenshots, so be sure to check them out!

10-08-2004: Rewrote the page in valid html 4.01 strict.

22-08-2004: I'm making progress on the state machine. Frontier is a couple of coding hours away from having file based multiplayer support (although, there is not much to do with that support yet.) I recently dropped ideas I had for TCP/IP multiplayer, as it doesn't really make sense for a turn based game.

19-03-2005: Sorry about the lack of updates. I didn't get much done, was too busy with classes. I learned some stuff in my Intermediate C++ class that will help with some coding issues I was having. Hopefully, over my break, I'll have more time to devote to Frontier. And also this website.

18-07-2005: NEWS! Total change of plans! Frontier will be a client for Freestars! Porting to the new API is underway! Screenshots of progress here.

01-02-2006: Update Well, I have actually done more coding for FreeStars than Frontier recently. I've been very busy with other projects.
I'm sorry I don't actually have much interesting to report.
As an aside, I've been playing WAY too much EvE-Online.


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I use TinyXML extensively in this project.

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I am using the FOX toolkit for GUI.

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I am using Lua for scripting purposes.

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